World Editing commands for Dedicated Servers.


This mod requires the following mods to already be installed on the server.


Console Commands

wtselect - Sets the start or end point for a selection to the current player position

wtselect <StartX> <StartY> <StartZ> [<EndX> <EndY> <EndZ>] - Sets the start and end position of the current selection to coordinates provided

wtselect clear - clears the current selection

wtclosest <PrefabName> - Finds the closest instance of <PrefabName> to the player position

despawn <EntityID> - Completely Despawns the entity with an id of <EntityID>

wtrotateent <EntityID> <DegreesToRotate> - Rotate the way the entity with <EntityID> by the number ofdegrees supplied in <DegreesToRotate>

wtcopy - Copies the content of the current selection

wtexport <PrefabName> [<yOffset>] - Creates a new prefab called <PrefabName> with the content of the current selection, with the optional yOffset of <yOffset>

wtfill <BlockName> - Fills the current selection with the block <BlockName>

wtimport <PrefabName> - Import the Prefab <PrefabName> into the current player selection

wtpaste [<Rotations> <yOffset>] - Paste the current selection at the players current position with optional rotation and yOffset

wtpasteprefab <PrefabName> [<Rotations>] - Paste the Prefab called <PrefabName> at the current player position with optional number of rotations

wtrotate <Rotations> - Rotate the current player selection. This will modify your world directly.

wtundo - Undo the last WorldTools Command.

Server Installation

  1. Download the mod using the links above.
  2. Extract the files
  3. Copy the Folder containing the DLL and ModInfo.xml into your Server Mods Folder.*
  4. Restart your Server

* Some Game Server Providers do not allow you to install mods yourself. You will need to submit a support ticket with the URL of this page, requesting your provider to install the mod for you.