Server Economy mod for 7 days to die dedicated servers.


This mod requires the following mods to already be installed on the server.


Console Commands

paydaylib info - Displays the current configuration settings for PaydayLib

paydaylib reload - Reloads the PaydayLib Config and Player Data

paydaylib enabletimer - Enables the PaydayLib User Pay Timer

paydaylib disabletimer - Disables the PaydayLib User Pay Timer

paydaylib currency <currency_name> - Changes the name of the in game Currency (The Currency name defaults to “Coins”)

paydaylib rate <amount> - Sets the amount of points a player receives each real-world Minute.

paydaylib startrate <starting_balance> - Sets the amount of points a player receives the first time they join the server.

pdlsetprice <ProductName> ;<amount> - Sets the price for a product

Chat Commands

!balance - Show your current balance

!listproducts - Shows you a list of purchasble products

!buy <ProductMame> - Buy the product <ProductName>

!pay <PlayerName> <amount> - Transfer <amount> coins from your balance to <PlayerName>

Quick Setup Guide

Ensure you have admin rights and run the following commands

This will set up Paydaylib with a currency called “MyCoolNameForCoins”. Each player will receive 50 MyCoolNameForCoins when they first join, and an additional 1 MyCoolNameForCoins per minute they are on the server.

paydaylib currency MyCoolNameForCoins

paydaylib rate 1

paydaylib startrate 50

paydaylib enabletimer


PaydayBounties - Player Bounty chat commands for PvP enabled servers.

7dtmWarpLib - Adds purchasable chat commands for player home warps.

Coming soon

PaydayCarepackages - Buy a flare that will call in an air drop.

PaydayAmmo - Buy ammo for the weapon you are holding

Server Installation

  1. Download the mod using the links above.
  2. Extract the files
  3. Copy the Folder containing the DLL and ModInfo.xml into your Server Mods Folder.*
  4. Restart your Server

* Some Game Server Providers do not allow you to install mods yourself. You will need to submit a support ticket with the URL of this page, requesting your provider to install the mod for you.