Player Bounty Addon for PaydayLib

PaydayBounties adds 2 Chat Commands to enable viewing and creating bounties on other players using your PaydayLib Currency.


This mod requires the following mods to already be installed on the server.



Chat Commands

!bounties - Show a list of current player bounties.

!bounty <PlayerName> <amount> - Create a new bounty. If a bounty on a player already exists, the amount will be added to the bounty total.

Server Installation

  1. Download the mod using the links above.
  2. Extract the files
  3. Copy the Folder containing the DLL and ModInfo.xml into your Server Mods Folder.*
  4. Restart your Server

* Some Game Server Providers do not allow you to install mods yourself. You will need to submit a support ticket with the URL of this page, requesting your provider to install the mod for you.